Small business insurance packages to meet your expectations

Starting your own retail business is an enriching experience, but can also be stressful. Choosing a small business insurance package with one of our professionals will allow you to have some peace of mind.

As the owner of a retail store, pharmacy, beauty salon or other small business, you’ve made sacrifices to ensure your business’ survival and profitability. It would be unfortunate if you lost the fruits of your labour due to a disaster or accident. This is why subscribing to a good small business insurance policy is essential. A comprehensive policy should include the following:

Goods Insurance

First off, it is critical to cover the value of your investment, whether that consists of merchandise or renovations you’ve made to your space. A replacement value small business insurance policy is indispensable to ensure that you’re well-protected in case of an accident.

Gaudreau Assurances Tip: Not even the best small business insurance can fully protect you if your insurance coverage is insufficient. It is very important to pay special attention to your insurance limits to ensure that they are sufficient and realistic.

Civil Liability Insurance

Civil liability insurance will protect you against any damages your business might cause to a third party. Its cost will depend on the profitability of your business, as well as other factors, like any accidents you’ve previously experienced and your activities.

Gaudreau Assurances Tip: It is important to tell your insurer about all the activities that go on at your business, so they can make sure they are covered by your contract.

Business Interruption Insurance

This insurance will compensate for any indirect financial loss you may face due to an accident (like a loss of business revenue).

Gaudreau Assurances Tip: Don’t forget that in order to be compensated by your insurer, you must prove that your financial loss was indirectly related to the accident. Up-to-date accounts are therefore indispensable.

Discover Our Wide Range of Guarantees :

Gaudreau Assurances helps small businesses grow by offering them the best retail insurance solutions to meet their needs.

Our guarantees:

  • Insurance for goods and merchandise
  • Civil liability insurance
  • Loss of revenue insurance
  • Supplier’s default
  • Machine breakage insurance
  • Coverage against cyber risks
  • Diversion, destruction and disappearance

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