Complete Insurance Packages for IT and Technology Businesses

You’ve worked hard to build up your IT business. Don’t risk losing it all—get insured! The insurance brokers at Gaudreau Assurances will advise you on your information technology insurance options.

Many companies working in the technology sector don’t bother getting insured because they don’t know that IT insurance exists that is adapted to their needs. While this may have been true years ago, today insurance brokers have developed a number of new solutions specifically designed for the IT sector.

The insurers and insurance brokers at Gaudreau Assurances will help you understand the details of all the products on offer. For example, an information technology company should subscribe to the following three types of insurance:

  • Goods coverage, to insure the materials you possess
  • Civil liability insurance, for any damage your business might cause to a third party
  • Errors and omissions insurance, which will protect you from missing terms in a contract, piracy, intellectual property violation and many other legal disputes.

Discover our wide range of guarantees:

Gaudreau Assurances will take into account your situation to offer you a personalized insurance solution.

Our guarantees

  • Equipment insurance
  • Technology errors and omissions
  • Technology professional liability (civil liability)
  • Operating loss insurance
  • Cyber and social media risk
  • Intellectual property violation
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Anti-piracy insurance
  • Machine breakage insurance