Quickly open a surety file

Our agreements with several Insurance partners authorize us to issue Surety Bonds directly from our offices. The contractor can therefore obtain his documents quickly and efficiently.

Our featured bonding services

  • Bid Surety Bonds

    This bond is used at the time of the bid to demonstrate the work provider that the bidder is in good faith and in the financial ability to do the project. It also mentions that if the bidder is chosen, he will produce the required documents.
    Also note that if the contractor decides not to do the work, he and the bidder must pay the difference or the agreed percentage of the total contract. This bond is often followed by a letter of intent stating that the guarantor undertakes to provide a performance bond and a labor payment bond if the bidder is retained.

  • Performance Surety Bond

    This bond guarantees to the work provider that his contract will be executed. If the debtor falls into default, the guarantor will undertake measures for the work to be completed.

  • Labour Surety Bond

    This document ensures that the guarantor is responsible to pay labor and materials in the event that the general contractor fails to do so, in order to avoid for the subcontractors to put legal mortgages on the construction. This bond comes with a performance bond.

  • Maintenance Surety Bond

    This ensures to the work provider that the contractor will make the necessary repairs following a default or bad work (manship) for a period of time after a partial acceptance of the work. If the contractor cannot do it, the guarantor will have to make the repairs.

  • Permit Surety Bond

    Some levels of government require a bond when a person or company applies for a license or permit to conduct a business. This is to protect the interests of the public and the organization requesting the document. There are several types of licenses and permit bonds. We can issue them directly from our office for a period of 2 or 3 years.

  • Customs Surety Bond

    Customs bonds provide financial protection that guarantees to the beneficiary payment of customs duties and taxes charged on goods crossing borders. Customs bonds simplify the passage of goods through customs.

  • Others

    We can make all types of bonds that are requested across the province of Quebec for projects here or elsewhere in the world.

We are able to help many types of businesses:

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