Reliable insurance for all your accounts receivable

Credit insurance protects your business against financial losses resulting from the insolvency or non-payment of a customer or buyer. Credit insurance protects your assets and promotes revenue growth by mitigating risk, whether it be through import/export or domestic.

Looking to avoid unpaid invoices?

Are you developing a new clientele or a new geographical area that you do not know?

Some of your customers are reaching billing volumes that could jeopardize your business in case of unpaid invoices?

Then credit insurance is made for you. We offer innovative and customized solutions tailored to your needs.

Our credit insurance service also includes:

Our Services

  • A proactive comparison of policy conditions with those proposed by the market
  • A speedy intervention in the event of a credit limit problem
  • A vigilant approach and careful follow-up of disputes, with an objective of obtaining prompt payment.
  • Development and monitoring of the terms of the contract and its amendments
  • Solutions to optimize the management of debtors
  • A careful study of your general conditions of sale
  • Training of the employees responsible for monitoring the accounts receivable
  • International insurance programs for your subsidiaries worldwide
  • Other risk financing solutions

Effective credit management depends on obtaining accurate business information. Do not deliver to an unknown buyer without verifying their financial position: you will avoid the risk of insolvency and non-payment.

To help you make the right decisions, Gaudreau Assurances works with credit insurance companies to provide you with the most accurate financial information every day.